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Tall Women's Clothes and Fashion Resource Guide

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“Tall women and tall girls are not created equal! We come in a variety of body packages.” I have come up with a chart that describes the various packages we fall in. Review the body type descriptions to determine the body type that best describes you. Knowing this bit of information will aid you in many fashion decisions you will need to make. 

One major assumption is that you are a very tall to extra tall woman, standing barefoot at least 5’10. Because you are at least 5’10 your height allows you some additional pounds, so the clothing size standards for the very tall and extra tall woman and tall girl differ from that of the average height woman.  For example, an average height woman of 5’4 who wears a size 14 looks wider than a woman 5’11 wearing a size 14.  Because the weight is distributed over a longer stature, the 5’4 woman appears plus size, and the 5’11 woman appears to be of average size for her height. For the benefit of my chart, a tall woman is considered plus size at a size 16 and greater. In reverse, as I look at slimmer woman, the average height woman of 5’4 maybe a size 4 and smaller before she is considered slim, but for us tall woman, that size starts at size 8.


Body Illustraion

Using the Chart

The charting is simple and very easy to use. You will have no problem identifying your body:


Step 1:  Review the “Body Size Description” Chart 1 and note the body size you identify with.


Step 2:  Review the “Body Dimension Description” Chart 2 and note the body dimension you identify with. Also refer to body type illustration above for a visual.


Step 3:  Jot down the Body Size & Body Dimension that best defines you and then go to the “Fashion Tools Tables” located within Clothes pages on this site to find out what clothing cuts work best on you.


And for a more in-depth look on clothing cuts that work on your specific body type take a look at the Tools to Use sections in my bookOne Size Does Not Fit Tall - Tall Women’s Fashion Guide and Resource”.  The Tools to Use sections breaks down why the cut will work on your body type, as well as, suggest modifications to a cut that will make a clothing piece even more beneficial for your body type. Knowing this information will make your retail shopping experience a breeze. This book is the tall women’s fashion bible…





  • Clothing size is 8 and smaller 
  • Dimensions can be standard, curvy, top-heavy, apple, and pear shape.


  • Clothing size is 9 through a size 14.
  • Dimensions can be standard, curvy, top-heavy, apple, and pear shape

Plus Size

  • A size 16 and larger
  • Dimensions can be standard, curvy, top-heavy, apple, and pear shape






  • No particular body dimension will stand out from the other.
  • The hips, and bust line are well within proportion and the waist indents slightly
  • Example measurements 36-33-36
  • Clothing sizes vary

Apple Shape

  • Wide upper body the weight is carried in the waist and shoulder
  • Example of measurements 38-37-35
  • Clothing sizes vary

Pear Shape

  • Exaggerated hips and buttocks, with a small waist and bust line,
  • Example measurements 36-28-42
  • Clothing sizes vary


  • Very exaggerated dimensions
  • Small waist, large curvy hips & buttocks and a medium to large bust line
  • Example measurements 38-26-38
  • Clothing sizes vary


  • Exaggerated bust line with tapered waist and hips
  • Example measurements 40-30-36
  • Clothing sizes vary


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